Marie-Anne's mysterious smile is an
invitation to you to read her new
e-book to be published shortly: "Be
beautiful, be someone" is a publication
for women unlike any other you've
ever read. Buy the book and its 240+
pages will give you access to so many
secrets that will completely change
the way you look at life and love,
making you greet each day with 
laughter and happiness. 


A wise man once said 'a picture is worth a thousand words' but in  today's world, an image needs a vocal backdrop to make it complete. Listen to Ms Lutchmaya singing a  very well known song in French. Even if you don't (as yet) understand the language, her voice, sultry and deep, is a lure with its vocal impact. 


Marie-Anne is very happily married
to Patrick Baurin, a theatre actor.
They will celebrate 26 years of wedded
bliss in July 2016.

She reveals more secrets to you in
her book about May marrying December 

- He is only 21 years younger than she...